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Atalaya · Who are we?


Atalaya has become a reference in Spain regarding theater research. This has been underlined by the most prestigious critics and has been confirmed by the jury that awarded it with the National Theater Award 2008 “for the creation of an original space exhibition, production, theatrical training and reflection, the result of a long career.”

Throughout his nearly three decades of history it has traveled across almost five hundred cities and thirty-four countries on six continents, participating in 130 international festivals and getting thirty awards. The common idea is the poetic theater where the energy, the power of the image, the voice – whether sung or spoken -and atmospheres generate a level of emotion in the viewer, regardless of cultural background, social status or age. A city of southern India where for the first time Western theater was represented , the streets of a Scandinavian city, theaters in Melbourne, Lapland, Cairo and London, have exhibited to the audience Atalaya shows.

Almost three decades after his creation, Atalaya is now approaching to Shakespeare with “Richard III”, after dealing with the Greek and Latin classics, Valle, Lorca, Mayakovsky, Heiner Müller, Bertolt Brecht and several modern Spanish authors.

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