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International Laboratory


Over the 15 editions of the Actors’ International Laboratory, a total of 86 theatre teachers have come to TNT, bringing in different theatre traditions from around the world. Two-thirds of them have international backgrounds, coming from around twenty foreign countries. Some of the most notable appearances include the teachers from the Beijing Opera, the Balinés Theatre (Indonesia), Noh Theatre (Japan), Butoh (Japan), Kathakali Theatre(India), Danzas Orissi and Barathanatiam (India), Candomblé (Brasil), Biomechanics (Russia),Canto Zulú (South Africa), Comedy of Art (Italy) and the Odin Teatret (Denmark).

Almost two-thirds of the one-hundred or so actors that have participated in the eleven permanent teams of the Laboratory since it began, have joined the cast in a number of shows by Atalaya and TNT produced in the last 15 years.

TEACHERS of the Laboratory XV:

– Permanent Cast of Atalaya: Actors: Carmen Gallardo, Jerónimo Arenal, Silvia Garzón, Marga Reyes, Joaquin Galán, Sario Téllez, Raúl Vera and the director, Ricardo Iniesta.

– Augusto Omolú (Teatro Candomblé and Danza de los Orixas, Brazil) dancer, choreographer, actor of the Odin Teatret and teacher at ISTA

– Chorea Teatr, one of the most prestigious companies in Poland, direct heir of the Grotowski Theatre, who presented some exceptional voice-work based on singing and physical activities. The workshop was led by Tomas Rodowicz (artístic director), Tomasz Kryzanowski (music and choir teacher) and Elina Toneva (physical training teacher and leader of ‘Bulgarian Voices’)

– Manuel Asensio: actor, poet and musician at Atalaya and Los Reverendos

ACTORS of the International Laboratory XV:

More than one hundred professional actors signed up for the auditions, coming from all over Spain, and some have even come from abroad expressly for the event. After two phases of auditions that took place in late September and early October, the following actors were selected to take part in the permanent team of the Laboratory:

-Sergio Baños
-Carlos Cegarra
-Elena Díaz
-Ana Galán
-Pepa Gil
-Esthela Kuri
-Pilar Herranz
-Marity Manzanera
-Klara Martínez´
-José Manuel Morales
-Marisa Muñoz
-Ismael Múrtula

The Sixteenth International Laboratory will take place in Autumn 2012 and Winter 2013. The auditions will take place in September and the selections will be announced next year in June. The duration of the laboratory will be 400 hours and it will cost 480 Euros, with one scholarship available which will be given to one of the 12 participants, giving priority to actors from outside Western Andalusia.

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