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One of the most emblematic projects of the International Research Centre TNT is that of the Programa Imarginario, and within it, the project in collaboration with El Vacie. This is the oldest shanty town in Europe, with around one thousand inhabitants, located just a few hundred metres away from the TNT centre.

After the workshop led by Silvia Garzón held last year, in which around twenty Roma women participated, this year Pepa Gamboa, with Silvia’s help in the direction, will bring to the stage Lorca’s La casa de Bernarda Alba with nine illiterate Roma women who will take to the stage for the first time.

The show, which premièred on the 8th November 2009 and marked the end of the II MITIN, attracted a great amount of interest. The media throughout the country produced extensive reviews of this historical event that is a unique experiment of social integration in Spain. Laura García Lorca – niece of the author and president of the Lorca Foundation- attended the première and did not hesitate in saying that it was one of the most touching versions of the many she has seen, and that it is the one that comes closest to Lorca’s original intentions. The critics’ praises were unanimous.

The performance was held in Seville on 22 occasions with a full-house, and a tour of the show began in Castellon and Elche, once again with a full-house every time. From the 4th to the 14th of March it was performed in Madrid’s Teatro Español.

On the 11th of February it received, by the hand of Andalusia’s Ministry of Culture, the CanalSur Award as Sensational Event of the Season, sharing the spotlight with the other winners: Martirio, Alejandro Sanz, Lola Dueñas, Macaco and Kiti Manver.

The TNT-el Vacie version of “La casa de Bernarda Alba” left the stage at the end of last year, after a touching report was broadcast on “Documentos TV” on 1st january 2012. This was the first time that this programme spoke of a teatrical event.

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