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EXILED (sung for a century) by Borja Ortíz

“Exiled (sung for a century)” is a play created in more than one year meeting actors, the author-that wrote the text during the whole process- and the director. The play has a central theme: the memory of the 20th century, crossing the women’s fight and the exiles that have grown in the last hundred years.

The staging lies between the Greek tragedy and the epic by Brecht, passing through the theatre of cruelties by Artaud and the Berliner cabaret. The songs and hymns recalls times and places shaping a “cantata about the 20th century”

The fields are clear, they go from the collective imaginary, focusing on Europe and more specifically on Spain, Germany and the Balkans, without excluding the universality own by the myths. Talking about the women of the 20th century we could recount about Cassandra or Antigone and especially Medea the barbarian and stranger.

The plays strats from the texts by Heiner Müller, Benedetti, Sartre, Brecht, Genet, Lorca and many other authors of the 20th century.  Borja Ortíz was given the charge to write a text starting from the creations of the actors and the directors. A text that has always been transforming including when touring.


The women of the century crosses the Lake of Memory. On the other shore, the boatmen of Charon stop them. To cross the door they have to forget everything that happened during the century, escape and stifle their memory. They have to cross all their lives across a hundred years of memories so that they can forget them.

The women are four. Each of them will be the protagonist of one of the four acts that represents the 20th century. First of all there is the woman with no name of the beginning of the century, wandering among the human rests of the First World War, and calling for Justice. In the following act the Revolution advises the experience: the Bolshevik women build, together with men, the Utopia, singing the political Berliner cabaret against the exploitive; the Spartans and the militiwomenof the trench with the ones downwards and on the other side with the ones above joking about the character that is destroying Europe: Fascism.

In the third act women and men are in the same boat: deported to the darkest episode of the History: Auschwitz. The cadavers in the shape of Erinias, God of Revenge, will free the Beast of the oppressed.

The joy of the Liberation Day is ephemeral. It comes after the last act of the century: the war of consume, the xenophobia, the inner exile, the lost of identity, the despair.

The women of the century already remembered all their memories, now they are ready to bury them and cross the door… but the women, that experimented every sensation personally, take a surprising decision: remain in the Lake of Memories, without to forget the past. Only in this way they could know who they are without losing their identities…

For the second time for Atalaya, “Exiled…” is a creation of a text of a current author, a text created during the staging and the rehearsals by the actors and the director. It is also the second occasion that the actors are situated in a central scenic space, surrounded by the audience. The premiere was in April 2000 in Elche and three years later the staging was also translated into Italian. 

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