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ELEKTRA it is the first incursion of Atalaya of the Greek tragedy and the first part of a trilogy that will continue with Medea (the stranger) and Ariadna.

The play toured across 150 cities of 13 Countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, as well as 44 Spanish provinces.

It gained the award for Best Andalucian Performance in 1996 and the International Award of El Cairo in 2001.

Elektra, daughter of Agamemnon and Klitemnestra is one of the big myth of the universal literature.

The tragedy is based on the question “Is it justifiable or not the revenge against her mother that killed her father?”

The focus of the play is the violence (death-revenge-death…) that devastates lots of generations of the Atrida family of Agamemnon. Agamemnon will be murdered by the lover of his wife, Egisto, who wanted to revenge the death of Ifigenia. This large chain of deaths is the real protagonist and leads to the terrible question mark “leave Agamemnon House ruined forever or lose a fire and a light of freedom with the power of the citizens laws” (Coéforas, 861-867).

This myth is literally 3 millennium years old, until Homer, but its thematic still is so current…. The 21st century leads us to really different everyday habits, nevertheless the human passions are the same of 3000 years ago… and the loop of hate and revenge between terrorism and fanaticism still are at its apex.

The chor that sometimes speaks in ancient Greek, following the musicality and intonation of Esquilo and Sofocles verses is the real protagonist of the play

Is a text with a strong dramatic strength that extends the setting with rhythm, musicality and the actors interpretation.

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