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Madre Coraje







Since its first show in September 2013, Madre Coraje has received a standing-ovation and rave reviews at every turn, clocked up numerous prestigious awards, and is said to be the most accomplished and complete work of the celebrated Atalaya. From its beginnings at the International Exhibition of Theatre and Dance in Huesca, the play has toured through every region in Spain, and has expertly moved the magic of the stage into the hearts of every audience. Not only has Ricardo Iniesta received the award for Best Director in October 2014, Madre Coraje has also been given 4 awards (Best Show In Theatre, Best Actress and Best Costumes) 

Sinopsis: Based on the “History of the life of the cheater and adventurer Coraje” by Grimmelhausen, the action takes place between 1624 and 1636, during the so-called Thirty Years’ War, a cruel conflict between Catholics and Protestants that bloodied Sweden, Poland and Germany. That’s where Anna Fierling, a seller of trinkets, known as Madre Coraje, appears with the value that she seems to have in the field. Opportunistic, cynical, self-confident Anna goes from one territory to another changing flag. Her goal is to survive, getting profit from the war and to protect her three children. She is torn between protecting her family at all costs and her business interests. The need or the desire to “defend herself” in the commercial field prevent Madre Coraje to defend the lives of her children because of the imposition of war conditions. In a world dominated by cruelty and violence she confuses the survival of her own business with the one of her own family. At the end of the play, all alone and in absolute misery, she has got only her battered wagon, to continue “fighting back” in a ruined world, where she is a victim. As Bertolt Brecht said: “War is merely the continuation of business by other means, but on war the big business are made by common people and human virues become deadly.”

An appointment to apply to our time, which is fighting a real battle between those who have the financial control and most of the people who suffer its ravages.


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