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TNT · Trayectory


In November of 1994  TNT -Territorio de Nuevos Tiempos– took its first steps, it is the first centre of private characteristics of its type in Andalusia dedicated to the training, investigation and theatrical creation which begun at the start of 1995.

TNT was formed at the request of Atalaya, but is independent, and open to all creators who believe that theatre is an art form, resulting from a continuous process of investigation.

TNT, being a centre of production, has up until now created six shows Miles Gloriosus directed by Juan Dolores Caballero, El gran Teatro del Mundo directed by Etelvino Vázquez, La casa de Bernarda Alba directed again by J.D.Caballero, Los espejos de Velázquez directed by Pepa Gamboa, Y tú qué miras? directed by Vicente León, Tierra de Nadie directed by Vicente Romero, El retablo de la avaricia, la lujuria y la muerte directed by Alfonso Zurro and Matando Horas by Rodrigo García. In all of these the group of actors came from the workshops undertaken during the Laboratorio. With the Mediterranean Theatrical Institute they co-produced Almasul by Antonio Onetti in 2001. These shows have toured various countries around America, Europe and Africa, as well as most Spanish provinces.

During the last few years seventy tutors from 20 countries have passed through the doors of the International Laboratory of TNT, many well-known specialists from diverse theatres, from the Opera of Pekin and the Teatro Nô from Japan, to la Santería cubana or the Brazilian Candomble, via the Biomecánica of Meyerhold or the Teatro Isabelino by Shakeaspeare.

TNT regularly programme in its auditorium shows produced by the centre or international shows by the tutors who take part in the Laboratorio. From 2007 they will extend the programme and have at its disposal two rooms with the capacity for 300 and 100 spectators respectively.

Worthy of a mention was the presence in 2000 of Odin Teatret (for the first time in Andalusia) performing Mythos and Itsi-Bitsi, as well as the shows by Teatro Kathakali, Danza balinesa, Ópera de Pekín, Comedia del Arte and Teatro Nô or those carried out by European tutors such as Leo Bassi (for the first time in Seville), Esperanza Abad, Genadi Bogdanov, Etelvino Vázquez…

In 2005 TNT celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Alongside Atalaya they will take part in the programme Laboratorios teatrales como Innovadores culturales until 2007 with four other European centres of prestige: Odin Teatret (Denmark), Theatre du Soleil (France), Grotowski Center (Polond) and TTB (Italy). In the 2007-2012 edition, new centres for theatrical investigation will take part in the programme: Teatro Potlach (Italy), Theaterlabor (Germany) and CPR (Wales).

TNT organized in 2004 for the first time in Spain, ISTA – The International School of Anthropological Theatre – which has taken on 40 tutors and theatrical researchers in Seville from the 15th to the 28th October 2004 and 200 participants – actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, teachers, students, critics…-from around the world.

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