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Richard III

Richard III turned into the second most awarded Atalaya performance. In autumn it received the Premio Escenario de Sevilla as best performance and Best actor Jerónimo Arenal; on the 24th of September, the play was also awarded as Best performance for the programming 2010-2011 of Teatro de Rojas of Toledo. During the 32nd Festival Ciudad de Palencia, the play was awarded for Best Actor Jerónimo Arenal and also Joaquin Galán as Best Staging, together with Nuria Espert, awarded as Best Actress. The critic both Andalucian and national, unanimously praised the play. Bernardo Romero appreciated the play with a five star evaluation and in his article on “El Mundo” writes:”a masterpiece, Shakespeare pure essence; a perfect adaptation. An extraordinary match between the immortal play enriched with elements of high quality.” Richard III is the first play that has been created after the Theatre National Award. The play is part of the colophon of the first 25 years of activity of the theatre, which started with the opening of an International Theatre Center of Investigation. In this play converge the four styles adopted by Atalaya in the previous 18 performances: the oneiric of Lorca, the grotesque of Valle-Inclán and Maikovski, the teleuric strength of the Greek Tragedy and the vanguard and policy of Heiner Müller. We could say that in the classical Greek are our blood, Valle and Lorca our lugs and Heiner Müller our nervs, Shakespare represents the heart of Atalaya,that gives life and future existence to the characters of the actors composed by three generations, from Carmen Gallardo, co-founder of the group in the ‘80es, to the actors of the stable team that incorporated in the ‘90es and the youngest that incorporated in the current decade. Besides the awards, it is important to underline that Jerónimo Arenal played in 1.000 performances with Atalaya during 15 years of non-stop activity touring among 25 countries of the world. In less than two years the play toured around the cities of the eleven autonomous communities.

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