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In 1998 Atalaya represented for first time Valle Inclán. “Divinas palabras” is the peak play of the brilliant Galician author. The play performed in more than 130 European cities and gained the Premio Nacional Ercilla and Best Andalucian Director Award in 1998. In march 1999 the play was n.1 in the Barcelona critics ranking. Unanimously the Spanish critics considered the performance as one of the best interpretation of Valle Inclán given its dynamism in the staging, the expressionism of the characters and the work of the actors. After eleven years Atalaya retook it adding new elements.

“Divinas palabras” supposes an inflexion point of Valle between magic, rural and Galician theatre –which given the cruelty of the play anticipates Artaud- and the monstrosity, more urban and politic –prelude to Brecht- it is the only play by Valle that contains both these elements and for this reason is so rich and attractive. We are in front of a gallery of miserable and sordid characters. The author stresses the collective action of coral mass, the coral world in which people and beggar are the real protagonists. Is a work of infinite coordinates, different rhythms, but inside an indestructible melodic unit. The voices have an extraordinary value… it is a symphony of colors.

“In its canvas, Goya painted the grotesque and the tragic, an exceptional part of the Spanish Art. I think I am the first Spanish literate that harmonized lyrics and grotesque”.


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