Opening 6th CENIT Competition













The Cultural Center of Seville University (CICUS) together with TNT open the 6th CENIT (New Thetare Reaserachers Competition).

In total, in the past five editions, took part more than 50 companies, 11 from Latin America, 6 from Europe and the totality of the Spanish autonomous communities; the finalist have been of a minimum of six companies/groups and during the year the performances quality has been increasing, as well as the audience number.

The awarded performances in the last editions were: Concierto para la acumulación by Los Hedonistas (Madrid) in 2009, Decir lluvia y que llueva, by Kabia (Basque Country) and  Antígona 18100-7 by Carmen Teatre (Valencia) in  2010, El cielo de los tristes, by Los Corderos (Barcelona) in 2011,  El mar dulce, by Espacio Espiral (Santander) in 2012 and Sekvantaro, by El pollo campero. Comidas para llevar  (Catalonia- Andalucia) in 2013.

According to the agreement between the two institutions, TNT Center announces the competition according on the following:


Call of International theatre, adressed to new theatre creators that develop an experimental and investigative language. Its aim is to promote theatre as artistic investigation. Its slogan “another theatre is possible” represents an alternative to a theatre that is focused on television and the market as main model. The competition programm is a collaboration between the Cultural Center of Seville University (CICUS) and International Theatre Investigation Center (TNT)


Every company complying the requirements.


Each selected group colud prensent only a staging.

The performances that will be presented must have a minimum of 45 minutes duration.

It is compulsory to send :


-A video of the entire performance. In case the work has not been premeried already, a video of 30 minutes duration of the theatre rehearsal process. The video should be delivered on DVD or pen drive. The organisation is not responsible for possible problems occurred during the videos display.

– The complete performance text.

– Technical and artistic files.


The original documents should be adressed to:

Centro TNT, Avda. Parque de Despeñaperros 1, CP 41015, Sevilla.

(the organisation will not give back the delivered material)



The winning performance will receive 2500€ (without transport).

Additionally, its programming will be promoted in contemporary theatre events in different autonomous communities. The performance will be programmed in TNT Center, in dates of mutual convenience: throughout a week, receiving the 100% of the ticket office or in a unique performance with fees, previously agreed between the two parts. The programming in other different events will depend on the producer opinion.

Since two editions there heve also been two honorary awards: best staging and best interpretation.


Selection Commitee and Jury

The Selection Commitee and the Jury will be formed by Concepción  Fernández Martínez, Director of CICUS  (or delegate person), a CICUS cultural programming technical;  Ricardo Iniesta, Director of International Investigation Theatre Center TNT and  another specialist of Andalucia theatre appointed by TNT.

The Seelection Commitee -according on the received documents- will choose among the candidates a minimum of 6 participants groups and 2 reserve groups.

Once the selection will be completed, all the selected groups will be informed about the selection results. The selected groups, as well as the reserve ones, will have to confirm their attendance within 7 days, starting from the receipt of the Selection Certificate.

The CENIT award will be given to a performance among the perticipants groups, with an unappealable decison.

The Jury Could declare the Award null and void.



The admission date will start on the publication date of the competition and end on Friday 12th of September 2014 at 3PM.


The candidates that will send the information per mail, will have to notify it through an e-mail before the deadline, also attaching a receipt proving the sending date to:


Those applications that will be sent after the deadline or that will not be notified per e-mail without proving the sending date will not be admitted.

The competition will be in Seville from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November 2014.



The winner of the competition will always have to point out that it is the  “Winner of the 6th edition of  New Theatre Researchers Competition”.

The finalist performances will have three compensation forms, according to its origin and number of actors:

  • Groups located less than 150Km from Seville and between three or less actors will receive 250€
  • Groups located less than 150Km from Seville, between four or more actors will receive  400€.
  • Groups located  between 150 and 700km  from Sevilla and between three or less actors will receive 500€.
  • Groups located  between 150 and 700km  from Sevilla and between four or more actors will receive 800€.
  • Groups located more than  700km from Seville and  between three or less actors will receive 700€.
  • Groups located more than  700km from Seville and  between four or more actors will receive  1.000€.


The CENIT organisation will spread the Award news to the communications media.

Aditionally, the winner allows CICUS and TNT to duplicate  and diffuse the performance on its websites, without the company requiring money for that.

CICUS and TNT reserve the right to modify and take initiatives that are not written in the Competition Bases to contrinbute to the Competition development.

The participation in this Competition supposes the whole acceptance of the Competition Bases and the Jury decision.