¡NEW! Open Enrolment for Laboratory at TNT School

Triptyque Laboratory at TNT

TNT celebrates its 20th anniversary of International Actors Laboratory changing it, after seventeen editions, into a Laborartory/School. The biggest news of this changing is that there will be two courses and a highest numeber of hours -from 450 to 1.400– in the full immersion classes.

Another big news it that actors will act in the next Atalaya pièce “Marat-Sade “ performing together with eight professional actors in the Teatro Central de Sevilla and other Andalusia cities, therefore they will have the chance to partecipate in the creation process of the performance.

This quality improvement has been possible thanks to the enlargment of Centro de Investigación TNT settings during the last years, first of all thanks to  the pedagogic potential of the ten Atalaya actors, that together with the Director Ricardo Iniesta, form a stable teaching team of the Laboratory. The pedagogic team is composed by actors that got the legacy of almost a hundred of professors from different theatrical traditions and techniques and world scenes that came at TNT.

This original formula allows a highest connection with Atalaya actors as well as TNT Center; both awarded in 2008 with Premio Nacional de Teatro (National Theater Award). Thanks to 30 years of activity, Atalaya wants to transmit its legacy to young actors with different dramatic backgrounds. The intense training and coexistence with the team actors and the director, represents a unique learning opportunity for our Country, having the chance to train with a Company, that has the highest valuation level from INAEM del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura (Ministery for Education and Culture) and that is the biggest alternative Net theatre in Spain.

TNT Laboratory facilitates that Atalaya and TNT took part, as unique Spanish representatives, in the Cultural Program “Laboratorios Teatrales como Innovadores Culturales Europeos”  (Theatre Laboratories as European Cultural Innovators) issued by the European Union. In the same projects participate the most prestigious European investigative theatres: Odin Teatret (Denmark), directed by Eugenio Barba, Grotowski Laboratory Theatre (Poland), Theatre du Soleil (France), directed by Arianne Mnouckine.

The totality of the half hundred of professional actors that took part in the twenty performances of Atalaya and TNT produced in the last two decades, came from the laboratories. Its worth to remark that, among the students, most of the actors gained different awards in Andalucia as well as at national and international panorama.

Many students that attended Laboratory classes acted in performaces of Centro Dramático Nacional, Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, CAT, Pentación, Fura del Baus, La Cuadra and other autonomous dramatic centers and national companies.



School Laboratory-TNT

Inscripcion Laboratorio 

The Laboratory will last 4 hours and a half per day (10.00AM-2:30PM).

The first course is going to start on Tuesday 14th of October 2014 and will end up on the 16th of May 2015, with a holiday break of two weeks on Christmas time. The second Laboratory is going to start on the 14th of October 2014 and end up on Sunday 16th of May.

Before the Laboratory starts there will be two weeks of experimental workshop. Two groups of a maximum number of 20 students, selected among all enrolled people, will have the chance to be aware of the work that has to be developed; and at this stage the pedagogues will choose the participants for the School Laboratory. The workshop will be from the 26 th of September to the 3rd of October, with five hours classes per day and a day off per  week.

the students will have at their free disposal, classrooms, video library and library. The first floor, that is at their disposal is equipped with living room, rest area, kitchen, terrace and laundry.

The workshop price of the experimental workshop will be of €120. SPECIAL PROMOCION: participants who will enroll and pay for the workshop before the 15th of July will have a descount, paying €95 instead of €120.

The Laboratory price will be of €1,200 for each course. The cost will be divided into three parts (October, January and April).

The last day for the Experimental Workshop enrollment will be on the 19th of September (Laboratory Enrollment, photo and CV). All the participants will be under examination with different time schedules during the days of September 23rd and 24th.

They will have to present a monologue, with duration between two and five minutes of poetic theatre (Greek Tragedy, Shakespeare, Lorca or other playwrigh to be agreed in advance); a song without words, and a coreography with a short free motiv. It is necessary to wear proper dresses for the exsercises. The ones that are not resident in Seville can send a recording including all the mentioned material, through DVD, digital file or through Intenet (Vimeo…)

TNT International Center of Investigation Theatre, that is the location where the Laboratory will took place, has a theatre up to 300 people; a room up to 110 audience; a wide courtyard, classrooms, video library, dressing rooms, apartments, hall, reception, storehouse, workshop, offices, bathrooms and rest area.

TNT took part in three cultural programmes issued by the European Union and is currentlyis choosing other two ones.

Atalaya travelled through 34 Countries among all the continents.