Celestina, la Tragicomedia. Premiere in Valladolid


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Critical and commercial success for the world premiere of Celestina, the tragicomedy

On March 1st, at the Teatro Calderon in Valladolid, Celestina, the tragicomedy of Atalaya premiered with a resounding success amongst audiences and critics alike.

The audience filled the theatre for all four performances, from Thursday to Sunday, to which was added a matinee attended by a thousand young people aged between 12 and 15 who did not stop clapping and enjoyed the staging of Rojas’ work, required reading of the ESO and a masterpiece of Spanish literature, staged and adapted by Atalaya.

The audience was especially impressed by Carmen Gallardo’s wonderful interpretation of Celestina, as well as the staging, the choral work of the actors-who have come out to greet the audience after the play four times due to the applause lasting several minutes- and the superb adaptation of the work by Ricardo Iniesta.

Below are the links for the premiere of El País as well as a photo gallery of the show and the review by Carlos Toquero of El Mundo, Fernando Herrero of El Norte de Castilla and Julia Amezúa of ABC-Castilla y Leon.

El Mundo. Carlos Toquero: “An intense ceremony by Atalaya. A Celestina that is secular, blasphemous, and libertarian, given life to in a superb manner by Carmen Gallardo, who does the part so well that she need not envy Vitez’s Jeanne Moreau. Atalaya and Ricardo Iniesta have done it with valour, wisdom, tenacity and courage; with imagination and strength”

El Norte de Castilla. Fernando Herrero: “Carmen Gallardo represents an exceptional Celestina, one that can play in all areas. It is clear that a lot of work has gone into the rehearsals, and this has enabled the show to reach its full potential for the world première. A positive re-creation that was widely applauded. Atalaya carries on its long career with rigour and creativity.”

ABC. Julia Amezúa:“The staging works; it reaches the audience thanks to the wise direction, the rhythm, the strength of the text that flows with clear diction and the engaging manner of the actors. Carmen Gallardo did very well. Widely applauded.”

Here you can see pictures of Celestina, the tragicomedy.
The company began its Spanish tour on 11th March at the Auditorium of El Ejido, within Almeria’s Jornadas del Siglo de Oro. The voice of Almeria and elalmeria.es

The tour in the east and Catalonia begins on 22nd March in the auditorium of the University Jaume I of Castellón, we continue on 23rd March at the Fortuny Theatre in Reus and the 25th of that month at the Teatro Municipal of Girona.

The premiere in Andalusia will be on the 12th to 15th and from the 18th to 22nd April at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville.