The House of Bernarda Alba continues its tour in Rotterdam


The House of Bernarda Alba, show TNT, was represented for last time, the past weekend (Friday, January 31st and Saturday, February 1st) in Arahal (Sevilla) inaugurating the new theater in the town.

Subsequently, The House of Bernarda Alba held in March toured Rotterdam within the ICAF festival, closing his tour.

The assembly has raised enormous expectations. Most televisions and other media have done extensive reporting on this historic event as a unique experience of social integration in Spain. Laura García Lorca, author’s niece and president of Lorca Foundation, did not hesitate to say it was one of the most exciting Lorquian.


Criticism includes:

EL PAIS.  Madrid.  Javier Vallejo: “Magnetic and essential assembly. They have a visceral grace. Gamboa directs invisibly, as the magnet to iron, and to each according to their qualities. Bernarda, with a stunning gesture, gives to the show an interesting character.”

EL MUNDO.  Madrid.  Javier Villán: “They have revolutionized the Seville and Spain theatrical panorama. An outcome of an unusual beauty.”

ABC.  Lara Martínez: “They leave the stage gracefully with art. More authenticity is impossible. Standing dismissed by the proposal public.”

Diario de Sevilla. Rosalía Gómez: “A very special show.”

El Correo de Andalucía. Dolores Guerrero. “One of the most moving and most endearing features of recent times. It was walking across the stage with absolute power and it give life to get his papers filling the colorful scene and truth, earning the complicity of the public, who could not stop applauding.”

Financial Times. Julius Purcell: “The various tables are beautiful moments of theatrical magic. The audience cheered stood.”

La verdad. Elche. Gomez Orts: “Unique, unusual, spectacular. A milestone in the history of Spanish theater.”

Levante. Castellón. José Ramón Prado: “The assembly is extremely intelligent and accurate. Every moment is a scenic discovery.”

The Reason. Madrid. David Moralejo: “Bernarda Lorca wanted.”

The Public. Madrid. “A Bernarda breathtakingly: so tremendous, delirious and surreal as genuine with actresses who are truths out handfuls through the mouth and eyes.”

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