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Since its first show in September 2013, MOTHER COURAGE has received a standing-ovation and rave reviews at every turn, clocked up numerous prestigious awards, and is said to be the most accomplished and complete work of the celebrated Atalaya. From its beginnings at the International Exhibition of Theatre and Dance in Huesca, the play has toured through every region in Spain, and has expertly moved the magic of the stage into the hearts of every audience. Not only has Ricardo Iniesta received the award for Best Director inOctober 2014MOTHER COURAGE has also been given 4 awards (Best Show In Theatre, Best Actress and Best Costumes) 



Based on “Historia de la vida de la estafadora y aventurera Coraje”, by Grimmelshausen, the action takes place between 1624 and 1636, during the so called thirty years war, a cruel confrontation between Catholics and Protestants which bloodied Switzerland, Poland and Germany. This is where we find Anna Fierling, a trinket vender known as MOTHER COURAGE, for her courage in the battlefield. Opportunist, cynical, self confident, Anna travels between territories changing flags correspondently. Her objective is to survive, to grow rich from the war and protect her three children. She struggles between her need to protect her family and her commercial interests. This eagerness to defend her commercial interests stops her from saving the lives of her children, revealing how war can impose its own conditions on those who live through it.

At the end of the play, alone and miserable, MOTHER COURAGE is left with her damaged cart. She must continue to defend herself in a world of ruin, in which she is just another victim.

Bertolt Brecht once stated; “war, which is a continuation of business by other means, makes the human virtues fatal to their possessors”. A quote that is applicable to our own experience, today a battle is being played out between those few with financial control and the majority, who suffer from the dangerous repercussions.



ABC. “A masterful directing actors, competing in the excellence of its members, gestures and expressions, has resulted in a ‘cum laude’ show: a superb balance between the epic and dramatic language.”

Ideal. Granada. “Exquisite in every one of his superb performances by actors. With small objects Atalaya can do something great.”

Diario de Noticias. Navarra. “The assembly is magnificent. An excellent and contemporary Brecht. A beautiful adaptation. The actors play masterfully. Beautifully sung in Czech, German, Italian and Castilian and they ‘re able to play into different characters with astonishing ease. A great evening of theater. The public understood this and largely applauded the cast.”

Diario de Sevilla. “The cast of Atalaya closes to perfection with a dazzling oral and physical catalog.”

Día de Córdoba. “Successful inclusion of spectators within the stage space as active witnesses. Magnificent work of Carmen Gallardo offering a Mother Courage that we will long remember.”

El Correo de Andalucía. “Expertise and technical mastery of body language as vocal of all interested parts. Masterful interpretation of Mamen Gallardo, whose borders on genius.”

ABC. Córdoba. “The actors offer versatility and technical wealth, a very good use of voice, speech, singing, emotions and intentions. Atalaya is one of the best companies that can be seen in Spanish theaters. It conveys love and respect for the theater as art. The applause was long and powerful.”

Córdoba. Diario. “A great function. The lighting is spectacular. Impressive staging.”

Tendencias. Granada. “A ruthless metaphoric language in which we live. Atalaya Theatre is not comparable to anything we can find in the Spanish stages. The bodies of the actors, living machines of suggestion, perform a dance in each sentence of the text.”

Bahía de Cádiz. “Atalaya proposes a shocking Mother Courage which generates a perceptible passionate intensity in public. Anti-corruption and anti-war proclamation of a remarkable and with which the audience identifies today.”

Even more than the host of the criticisms and public comments move us high school students who have seen our “Madrecoraje”. This blog gives a good account of it. Excited young people feel they can live with the theater feeling and it is impossible to find in other facet of life.