CARAVAN. Artists on the road

A European project

The Caravan project arises from considering the years of crises and transformation that European countries have been through in the recent years.
The purpose of the project is to promote dialogue between these countries through an experience based on solidarity and renascence.

One of the main characteristics of the project is the use of a Caravan vehicle, which will be equipped with multimedia technologies and made into a practical stage on wheels. In old times, theatre companies travelled around Europe, from town to town, bringing shows that mixed various theatrical and musical languages. This Caravan Theatre will revive this old tradition, but with innovative technologies that the new century offers.

The project has selected four places of “crises and renascence” located in four different countries. Each of these four locations will create and develop a project, working for three months in their own countries with local communities and then travel with the resulting performance to the next destination, where it will be presented to other communities.



map caravan project.jpg


The map shows that Turin’s performance travels to Seville, Seville’s performance travels to Holstebro, Holstebro’s performance travels to Sofia, Sofia’s performance travels to Turin, with the same modus operandi: 3 months of rehearsals of a production on the theme, ‘Crisis and renaissance’, and then a minimum of 10 stop tour from the original town to the next.

The CARAVAN Project is initiated by two promoters: the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, which will be the Project Coordinator, and the Master Course in Social & Community Theatre at the University of Turin.


From Sevilla to Holstebro

Atalaya-TNT in Seville made a trip from Seville to Holstebro: Travelling 3.001 km, passing through cities, small villages, and parks. Performing in front of audiences of all ages and those who rarely get the opportunity to view theatre.

The opportunity was also given to these people to be taught theatre and more importantly how to fight the recession and have fun at the same time… read about the stops that look place on this journey!


European Partners

Besides Fondazione CRT and Master in Social and Community Theatre from Torino University, there are European partners coming from 9 countries


spain.png  Teatro Atalaya de Sevilla (Spain)
sweden.png  Teater Spira (Sweden)

denmark.png  Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Odin Teatret (Denmark)

germany.png  Projekte, Action, Kunst, Theater P.A.K.T. eingetragener Verein (Germany)
¨poland.png  Wydzial Sztuk Pieknych Projektowych Wyzsej Szkole Informatyki (Polond)
italy.png  Movimenti delle Associazioni di Volontariato Italiano Onlus (Italy)
france.png  Association of Local Democrazy Agencies (France)

slovenia.png  Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (Slovenia)
bulgaria.png  Municipal Theatre “Vazrajdane” (Bulgaria)